FTLT Missional Leadership School Application (2014)


During this one year experience an overall focus of missions within the 'Mission of God' will be taught as the students will complete the FTLT - Mission Leadership Training School (MLTS) as the core of their training.

Students will at the completion of their theory training be send to various Southern African countries for three months. Their practical involvement will depend on information received from research done throughout the year.

The motivation for such an unique focus is to develop a missional leader with a kingdom mentality of empowerment. Someone who has the ability of walking into any geographical area in the world, assess the community needs, whether spiritual or physical, identify the existing Entities of Change, if any, and strategically produce an unification plan around a common mission vision. This person will practically exercise a leadership style of empowerment, strengthening existing entities in what they are already doing; empowering them to be more effective in their daily responsibilities.

Because of the intensity of such a focus, we have limited our participation for 2014 to just 10 students. Careful consideration will be made to the ratio of International students vs National Students, as well as between men and women, and those coming from developed environments and those from disadvantage communities. The broader the spectrum of participants, the greater the exposure and understanding of realities globally. Because of the uniqueness of the school, FTLT anticipates that it will not be able to accept all who have applied.

Once you have prayed and feel that the Lord may want you to be part of the school, you should download and complete the relevant Application form below (or complete the online application form). You then send the application form together with its appropriate reference forms to the registrar of the school. If your application has been successfully considered you will be expected to confirm your final participation in the school by signing a document of understanding and making a deposit payment.

The decision of the Leadership of FTLT is final and no further dialogue will be entered into after the school has reached its maximum number of candidates for the year.

National Students – South Africa and all other countries on the Continent of Africa, incl. Madagascar.

International Students – Any other country in the world not situated on the Continent of Africa.

For National Students all fees are in South African Rand – “R”
For International Students all fees are in US Dollars – “US$”


The Registration Day will be Friday, 31 JANUARY 2014.  After registration you will be taken to your accommodation venue while the rest of the weekend will be used for getting to know one another. Class orientation will start the next Monday.  Graduation will take place in November. A final date will be announced later.


The classes will run form Monday to Friday, with weekends for practical outreaches, as well as work duties (i.e. Housecleaning/gardening, etc.)  Some classes may be on Saturdays.


FTLT aims to train missional leaders that are ready and equipped for an often harsh and challenging mission environment. Moderate to intense physical exercise forms an important part of the training. Bush phase and the cross border outreaches often require students to travel across challenging terrain and through harsh environments and have calculated physical risks associated with them. (As do all travel activities.)Students are informed to be aware of these risks and challenges that await them. While you do not need to be super fit to attend FTLT a general fitness level is required. NB: Being unable to participate in all physical activities does not automatically exclude you from attending FTLT but FTLT leadership should be informed of potential physical limitations.


It is vital that you understand the importance of having your finances in order before you begin your studies at the FTLT training school.

The school fees will be R42 000 / US$6 500 per person, per annum. (R2 000 / US$200 on approval.)

You will be required to make the full payment into the FTLT account prior to arrival and bring with you proof of payment.

Your School fees include:

  • Food – 3 meals per day
  • Communal Accommodation
  • Theoretical Training
  • Practical Training incl. Bush Phase
  • Local ministry opportunities
  • And much more…

You, as a student, will be responsible for raising your own 3-month outreach fees. (Bush phase and other short term outreaches are included in the school fees.)  This will be done in different combined, compulsory fundraising projects and personal contact with your supporters, friends and family.


Compulsory, communal accommodation and food are provided.  Unfortunately it is not possible for us to accommodate any children because of the intensity of the course.

Living expenses – If you are the breadwinner of your family, please ensure that you follow the scriptural injunction to care for the natural and spiritual welfare of your own.

Finances used for personal needs are for your own account.

As hygiene is a high priority, please ensure you have sufficient toiletries and washing powder to maintain for at least the first month or two.

Bedding is not provided!  Please bring your own.

Please ensure you bring notebooks and pens for your personal needs.


As mentioned already, the Registration day is Friday 31 January 2014.  Registration is defined as the student being physically present on that specific day.

On the day you are required to report to the Admissions office, between the hours of 09h00 and 14h00, in order to …

  • Register as a student of FTLT.
  • Pay your school fees (As mentioned above).
  • Collect your file.
  • Be available for queries if necessary.

Please note that submitting the APPLICATION and RECOMMENDATION FORMS does not mean automatic acceptance into the school.

Also note a personal interview with a member of the FTLT staff, or someone appointed by FTLT, might be required.  Therefore, do not make plans to attend the school, until you have received and official LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE.


  • Application Form (Partly completed application forms will not be accepted.)
  • Pastor's Recommendation Form
  • Indemnity Form
  • Copy of Passport
  • Medical Certificate
  • Additional Documents (International students only.)


Apply Online

Online Recommendation Form


Download the application forms and relevant documentation below:

Application Form
Additional documents for international students




  • Application Form (Partly completed application forms will not be accepted.)

  • Pastor's Recommendation Form

  • Indemnity Form

  • Copy of Passport

  • Medical Certificate

  • Additional Documents (International students only.)

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