A Cup for Missions

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Why 'A Cup for Missions'?

Over the years many people have given their time and energy serving as staff members at the FTLT (www.ftlt.org) offices. We have always dreamed of reaching a place where we could contribute to our staff support, and thanks to 'A Cup for Missions' we now can. Yes, we will be the first to acknowledge that we would need to sell many kg's of coffee to support the staff to the value they are worth, but at least your purchasing of 'A Cup for Missions' will be a valuable contribution...

What makes 'A Cup for Missions' different from other coffees available on the market?

It has been a few months of tasting various blends and single origin coffee that finally brought us to what we have today. A blend that was created to bring coffee to the people, using various instruments to make them, and to suit all the different types of coffee drinks out there...

In short, designed to make a perfect espresso, a smooth and easy drinking filter/or plunger, a creamy and aromatic cappuccino, or a decent and relaxing latte. Sourced from various single origin farms in Central and South America, each bean type are carefully selected, and roasted to perfection before mixed into the unique blend.

If you are as passionate as we are about good coffee, then you have to get yourself a bag of 'A Cup for Missions'.

To order your bag of coffee (R90 per 500g), contact us 082 770 5310, or send us an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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