The shape of our hearts are forever changed (MOTE)

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The MOTE experience to Simunye, Swaziland was a highly educational one!  Who could think that so many learning opportunities would arise in one week?  We discovered so many things about God, ourselves, life, the people of Swaziland.

We were part of a team that laid the foundations and built a care-point in Komba, we dug holes and planted poles for the fence to be set, we re-painted another care-point in Mathecuka, landscaping the gardens as well as painting the roof of the church in Simunye.  Getting physically involved like this afforded us so many incredible opportunities of getting to know people.  We played with the children and fed them.  We visited various homes in the villages and were overcome with the hospitality and friendliness of the Swazi people towards total strangers.  God was so faithful in healing many from sicknesses, blindness, deafness and allowed a lame man to walk.

God did amazing things in the lives of the team.  Our team was made up of teens, young adults and adults.  In the feedback all commented on how exciting that combination was and how much we had to learn and experience from one another.  Friendships were formed for life.  Many commented on special encounters with the Lord in the early hours of the morning with the much-dreaded prayer chain.  Due to the wonderful reception of Pastor Lasalette and her team we cannot really say that we had to rough it in Swaziland, but individuals have come back with a new appreciation of the basic necessities in life that we sometimes take for granted.  It was so empowering to see people walk in their own individual callings and discovering gifts they had not used before.  Some have fell in love with missions for the first time.  And we had fun!  Some rolled in barrels through the village with children laughing and screaming all the way, we sang in the bus, we had close encounters with crocodiles, we heard a girl scream when a frog was found in her tent, we heard a guy scream … well, like a girl when he encountered a spider in the shower, we played cards and had marshmallows and condensed milk with our new-found friends on the last evening while it rained.

The shape of our hearts are forever changed because of this week.  One cannot remain the same in the presence of such beauty.  We have laughed and cried and worked hard and danced.  Our hearts feel connected to these people and their journey in life.  When we look at the photographs we remember what God did in them and in us.  Together we dream of what God will do in that nation.  We believe that the good news of Jesus Christ will be preached and demonstrated from that nation into all of Africa.  Somehow we stand in awe and long to go back soon! Once again, just as we as believers GO … God is so faithful and backs us with all of heaven! We love you Swaziland!

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