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Over the last two months at FTLT, we have been involved in numerous activities and ministry opportunities. Even though challenging at times, we know that these experiences will put us in good stead for life in the different mission fields we intend entering into. The following is a glimpse of what we’ve been up to!

Crossroads Kids Care Centre

The crossroad kids care centre is a place of safety for boys between 12-18 years of age. We have found that there are many people who support the home, however there is a general shortage of hands-on volunteers. The majority of the boys are really well behaved and musically talented. We were excited to spend time with them playing soccer and listening to music and we were humbled by their willingness to share their lives with us. We were also given the opportunity to perform a skit, about the life of Jesus.

David Moshabi www.ddmoshabi.wordpress.com

Fundraising for Outreach

The final phase of our training at FTLT is the three (3) month outreach at the end of the year. Besides being given the platform and opportunity to plan it all ourselves, we have to raise the sufficient funds needed.
In doing so we thought it good to start early and have we already hosted a Valentines picnic, cleaning and packing thousands of tapes at the World Mission Centre, running a tuck-shop at the MIA2012 Facilitators Training weekend, and selling old clothes.
We also had our first few 'Blikskud' sessions at different traffic lights within and around the Brooklyn/Menlyn Mall area. Dancing like Zulu’s in the middle of the road, while the sun is beating down on us, is indeed an interesting way of allowing people to partake in this endeavor we are about to pursue.
There is however still a long way to go before we reach the budget we have set for ourselves, but with many more creative fundraising activities ahead, it certainly are going to be a fun filled experience. Thank you to all who have already supported us in this way.

Erika Schabort www.schabort.wordpress.com

Ministry Opportunities

A big part of our training includes putting into practice that which we are learning in theory. In doing so we’ve headed out to local parks once a week, meeting with many different people from vastly different backgrounds. The goal is to connect, listen to their stories, and to try our best in reflecting Christ’s love for them.
It is exciting to announce that we have recently connected with ‘PEN’ (www.pen.org.za) PEN has over the last 20 years reached out to the hopeless people and places within the Pretoria city communities. We believe that by connecting with them we will be able to gain valuable experience, which in turn will help us in being more effective. One of the co-working assignments is to assist them in establishing a night church; hoping together through Christ we will do great things.

Mbamwawi Chirwa www.mwaw31.wordpres.com


For at least three hours a day, five days of the week, we are having in-class sessions where various speakers share their personal experiences, within their field of expertise, with us. It has been a character developing experience as much light has been shed on broadening our world view and biblical understanding as to God’s mission.
We have been challenged with the principle that our lives are not about missions but worship; to just convert people should not be our sole motivation for being involved in missions, but presenting people with the opportunity to worship God should inspire us instead!
A life of worship is God’s eternal purpose for us all, and Jesus sacrificed His life so that every tribe, tongue and nation could be represented in the throne-room of God. God is gathering a great army of people to enter all spheres of this world – so that everyone will have the opportunity to come and worship Him! God has chosen us – for this time – to go to the final frontiers and take His message to the world.
Christle-Lyn Beech www.christlelynbeech.wordpress.com

Ndumo Outreach

From the 30th of March till the 4th of April we will join Tuks Mission on a MIA2012 exploration trip to the Ndumo village in northern Kwazulu Natal. The purpose is to create awareness for the upcoming MIA2012 outreaches in June/July, as well as getting a better understanding as to serving the already existing ministries in the community. We will be meeting with various organizations, which include the Ndumo ‘drop in’ Centre, Ndumo orphan care Centre, the different local clinics, and various Churches throughout the Community.

Bhekani Ndlazi

Wrapping up

As we look back at what’s been done over the last 2 months, we are grateful for the love and support bestowed on us. However we are soon to depart for the Wolkberge near Tzaneen. The time has arrived to put to the test all the physical training we have received in a bush camp setup, as we will be hiking through the mountains for two - three weeks. Your prayers will be much appreciated.
Thank you for all of your support and prayers. We pray that you will continue to be as excited as we are for the things God is so graciously bestowing on us every day.
Please visit the FTLT Facebook page for regular updates on things as it happen.
Till next time. God Bless

Damien Lourens and The FTLT students

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