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The Emerging Leadership Generation of Southern Africa in relation to Global Evangelisation

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Recently I had the privilege to be part of a team who facilitated the MANI Emerging Leaders Gathering (ELG) for Southern Africa. It has indeed been an enriching experience as we explored the uniqueness of the ELG, how it relates to previous and coming generations, and how it sees itself in relation to Global Evangelisation.

Young people from various regions across Southern Africa gathered for two days in Pretoria under the banner of MANI – Movement for Africa National Initiatives. Their goal was to learn from each other, and to produce a continuous working document on who the ELG of Southern Africa is. This was done in relation to a broader strategy established in March this year when a small group of us gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to establish the Africa ELG network. The Southern Africa gathering was the first of five(5) regional gatherings that will take place in the coming months.

Although a thorough report will be released soon, I can share a few interesting discoveries:

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The shape of our hearts are forever changed (MOTE)

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The MOTE experience to Simunye, Swaziland was a highly educational one!  Who could think that so many learning opportunities would arise in one week?  We discovered so many things about God, ourselves, life, the people of Swaziland.

We were part of a team that laid the foundations and built a care-point in Komba, we dug holes and planted poles for the fence to be set, we re-painted another care-point in Mathecuka, landscaping the gardens as well as painting the roof of the church in Simunye.  Getting physically involved like this afforded us so many incredible opportunities of getting to know people.  We played with the children and fed them.  We visited various homes in the villages and were overcome with the hospitality and friendliness of the Swazi people towards total strangers.  God was so faithful in healing many from sicknesses, blindness, deafness and allowed a lame man to walk.

Biblical Entrepreneurship Training changes lives...

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Recently we had the privilege of taking another group through the Biblical Entrepreneurship course. This has proven to be a life changing experience and did Hennie van Loggerenberg summarized it like this:  

As an entrepreneur or a Biblical Entrepreneur as we have called it, faith cannot be excluded from our vocabulary! The faith that will lead to absolute obedience and peace – the peace we do not fully understand. The process of identifying opportunities, taking calculated risks, solving problems, exercising business stewardship for Biblical profit are the main principles that will lead to Biblical Entrepreneurship! Identifying those opportunities – or like most of us would claim – being at the right place and the right time (timing) is one of the biggest problems or challenges the body of Christ is facing today! How to discern those opportunities are for you, how to know - "this is it!" The main issue here might be that fear, doubt and a lack of peace will hinder the Body to grab hold of these opportunities. As for the Body of Christ – grace is the key, although we do not know all the answers. Taking these calculated risks will require preparation. But at the end your absolute passion to serve the community will lead to a lifelong investment in your understanding of grace and an absolute appreciation of what God has given us! It's about HIS kingdom! It's about a solid character that is content – even in the wilderness. With an attitude that will draw people closer, love the LORD and willing to offer up all at any cost and worship HIM! Then at the end, my tithe becomes my life and all I have. My gifts a sacrifice and  all I do being an ambassador at a healthy altitude.

For more information about the Biblical Entrepeneurship course, click here...

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